Cat Food Facts You ought to know Of

There are many competing cat food products on the supermarket display eager for your attention and requesting to buy them. I’m certain do you know what Get real, they have their full color pictures of happy looking satisfied cats that are in peak health condition because they eat the XYZ model of cat food. But are you getting the best cat food for your pet?

What none of those pretty packets tell you is that cats are obligate carnivores, which means غذای گربه فیدار they need to have the nutrients that are found in animal protein just to survive. By protein Get real meat, chicken and fish. The weed of these meats, not the by-products. In the wild cats eat the meat of their victim, just as they do when they find a mouse at home.

Good quality cat food should list the actual meat such as ground beef, lamb, tuna, turkey, trout, chicken etc that is in the jar or package you get. Chicken meal is actually considered to be the single best source of protein in commercial pet foods. If you only see the words ‘meat and/or meat bonemeal’ on the package, realize that this can legally include animals that are roadkill, have been euthanized by vets and ground and delivered in plants. Some making plants also use diseased, dying and decayed animals to produce to pet food companies.

Dry Cat Food

Cats don’t have tooth to properly chew their food like we do. Their teeth are created to bite and take so dieting of dry toast is going to be a problem for them. Not only can they not chew the toast, their bodies lack specific nutrients for carbs the digestive system and metabolism. Cats lack a salivary enzyme called amylase which is used to absorb carbohydrates. And almost all cat food toast are primarily carbohydrates. Cats can utilize the carbohydrates but their body and digestive system is suited for protein and fat.

Cats who are fertilized dog, bunnie or other styles of food have reached risky for blindness and heart problems due to insufficient amounts of taurine in their diet. Taurine is a very important amino acid and will also be found in commercial cat foods. Other diseases such as obesity, food allergies, diabetes, and heart problems are just some of the many diet related diseases that appear to becoming an catastrophe in our cats all over the world due to poor nutrition.

Are you Saving money By Feeding Cheap Food?

If you are feeding your cat on a cheap food with sub standard ingredients, it will need more of this food to get the nutrients required. As a result, you will end up buying more food, which will either end up costing you the same amount as better quality food, or in many cases, more than if you were feeding your cat dieting with healthy, high quality ingredients.

Another thought to remember is that a cat who takes more food will produce more waste, which means more work for you to clean the litter box tray and therefore more money spent on cat litter box.

A cheaper but less proper diet can also contribute to serious health problems that can become costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and prescribed drugs for your cat.

Remember your cat is a part of your family and is dependent on you for its life. Investing in the very best quality cat food you can afford is a better alternative than the heartache and shortened expected life that give taking techniques or buying inferior food. A cat is for life and the joy and enjoy it brings to you and your family cannot be underestimated.

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